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Prevention is cheaper than Cure!

Welcome to Dr. Mattie Klare, D.C. - Professional Coach for Chiropractors


Living in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world can be very stressful and even harmful if we don't take appropriate measures to tend to our mind and body, and keep them healthy at all times.


Being a professional chiropractor, I am familiar with the many challenges and obstacles, you, the professional chiropractor faces on a daily basis. You are committed to help your clients, bring them relief and guide them to a healthy path. You are determined to find ways to tend to your clients in the best and most effective way.

But what about you? Are you taking care of yourself? Have you mastered the many different and proven methods of healing available?


As a helper, it is in our nature to subconsciously take on the aches and pains of our clients. We are concerned about their well-being and sometimes forget that we too, need to be "in shape" and "up-to-date" in order to be at the top of our game.


This is where I would like to support you. I will teach you effective and proven healing and treatment methods you might not be familiar with, or only have limited knowledge about. I would like to help you to better understand and treat ailments and with that become more versatile in helping your clients. In addition, I can help you explore and understand what it is you personally need to achieve your goals.


I look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge with you.


Best wishes,


Mattie Klare, D.C.

The Major Premise of Chiropractic Care


All of us, have our own individual Innate Intelligence, which connects us to the Universal Intelligence, the source of all life force. Life force is always with us and will correct most of our ills. But sometimes it just needs a slight push or jump-start.


Doctor of Chiropractic means:

Doctor = Teacher

Chiro = by hand

Proctos = practice, done by


Healing can begin at any point in your life, at any stage of health. Chiropractic is for all of us. For the young and the aged, persons with chronic illnesses, for kids and babies. Chiropractic helps us to remain healthy or regain our health, energy and vitality, and to get rid of stress, symptoms and pain.

Energy Dynamic Chiropractic


Learn about Energy Dynamic Chiropractic, a new and unique chiropractic adjusting method developed by Dr. Klare that prepares the body energetically to ensure smooth, easy and long-lasting corrective adjustments.


You will also learn, how to effectively combine common Methods and Techniques, thus creating a more successful path to complete Wellness!


- European Manual Therapy

- Traditional Chinese Massage

- Accu-Pressure

- Corrective Massage

- Back- and Sports-Rehabilitation

- Personalized Exercise Program

- Physical Therapy

- Pain Management

- Chiropractic Biophysics

- Diversified and Gonstead Therapy

- Cranio-Sacral Therapy

- Sacro-Occipital Technique

- Touch for Health

- Nasal Specific Technique

- Activator / Integrator Technique / Torque Release

- Applied Kinesiology

- Auriculo Therapy

- Nutritional Balancing and Consultation

- Mind and Body Cleansing

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